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Newsletter - August 26, 2020

Maybe you have heard of YaraVita® PROCOTE™ before, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you want to know more or don’t know where to start. As you make decisions regarding your fertilizer plan for next season, we want to provide answers to common questions and help you out no matter what your familiarity is with the product. To do this, we will take the time to answer the What, the Why, the Where, the How and the Who of Yara and YaraVita PROCOTE.


YaraVita PROCOTE is a patented oil based technology that allows the granule to be coated in micronutrients. It comes in multiple single nutrient options (boron, copper, manganese, zinc) as well as a complete package, BCMZ, which has all those nutrients together. This unique way of applying micronutrients allows for a better experience for the farmer. Less dust, better handling, increased profitability, better nutrient access should give you confidence in your complete crop nutrition decisions.


We have a number of retail partners throughout Western Canada. You can check out our website to find a dealer near you. Talk to your local retail and ask about the benefits of using YaraVita PROCOTE.


As mentioned above with the unique opportunity, we saw 3 key values for the YaraVita PROCOTE user. They would get better agronomics by having Better Nutrient Access leveraging each fertilizer granule. They would get Improved Handling by using an oil based coating which would virtually eliminate dust. And they could improve their economics by getting higher yields with complete nutrition and an Increased Return on Investment.


Anytime. Because YaraVita PROCOTE is oil based, you can be confident knowing it will store long term. We have done testing to ensure this AND we consistently get feedback from current users that they love the way it stores and handles. All the major macronutrient products can be coated with it, as well as many of the specialty products in market. If you have questions about a specific product, feel free to reach out.


Coating is done at the retail. The retail has invested in proper equipment to properly and accurately apply the product so that the experience remains very high. We know that the fertilizer spend is a significant portion of a farms spend every year. Because of this, us and the retail want to ensure your experience is seamless and you get the quality product you expect.


Yara is an international crop nutrition company who, for over 100 years, has had a mission of feeding the world responsibly. Yara Canada has existed for over 20 years in Eastern Canada and has been in Western Canada since the purchase of their production facility at Belle Plaine, SK in 2008.

YaraVita PROCOTE was conceived and developed to make things easier for the farmer. We saw an opportunity to be better at distributing micronutrients by using a patented oil based coating on the farmers current granular nutrient blend.

We hope we were able to answer questions that exist. We encourage you to reach out to your retail if you want to see how YaraVita PROCOTE can fit on your farm. Alternatively, you can reach out to your local Yara representative and they would be glad to answer any questions.

As we move into harvest season, we at Yara would like to wish everybody a safe and successful harvest.



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Cody Vogel
Cody Vogel
Regional Sales Manager