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Yara is not only a major fertilizer provider to growers throughout the world, but it also has years of experience and knowledge in crop nutrition.

Yara is committed to helping farmers grow their TopPotato in terms of both yield and quality. Crop knowledge, application competence - including technology tools and services - and the most comprehensive crop nutrition portfolio on the market make up the core of Yara’s Crop Nutrition Solution for potatoes.

Whether you are looking for potato fertilizers, a potato crop nutrition program, information about nutrient deficiencies in potatoes, or any other aspect regarding potato crop nutrition, take a look at what Yara has to share with you.

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Set your Potato Crop for Success with Micronutrient Coatings

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YaraVita PROCOTE is an ideal source of micronutrients for potato because it provides even and consistent distribution by coating every fertilizer granule.

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Role of nutrients in potatoes

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Hear from our happy customers

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Quicker canopy closure, more uniform stands

"We use a lot of YaraVita Hydromag and YaraVita Last-N especially early in the season. We’ve seen huge results with getting rapid top-growth, less deficiencies in the field and healthier potato plants in general. Where we’re applying these products our crops are closing their canopy quicker along with healthier, more uniform stands.”  -  PJ Lynch, Leach Lynch Farms Inc., ON

Knowledgeable, reliable people

“Yara’s support team is a 10 out of 10 for me. They follow up on their products in the field weekly, checking fields, and always follow through with test plots. They’re very flexible to work with and always have very quick responses if I call about anything. They’re very knowledgeable people.”  -  Jamie Lundy, Lundy Potato Farms Ltd., ON

Consistent foliar products, readily available nutrients

“We do a lot of petiole testing on our farm and know what micronutrients we need to target and when. We're looking for very consistent foliar products but also readily available. We found the YaraVita products to be very dependable, with a flexible product line up. I got an opportunity to tour the Pocklington facility where they’re made and was impressed to see all of the work that goes into making them.”  -  PJ Lynch, Leach Lynch Farms Inc., ON

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Personalized experience with Yara

"I really appreciate all of the work that Yara puts into helping me on my farm. Other companies have given me recommendations in the past but no one visited my farm. That was one thing I noticed right away with Yara. They visited often and followed up on their products. I don’t get that kind of support from other companies."  - Glenn Horst, Sandy Ridge Farm, ON

Science-based support, year-round

"I'm very pleased with what the Yara product line brings to my crop production toolbox. They bring science-based product support year-round to improve my crop quality based on my individual field-level data." -  Josh Dreise, potato grower, ON

Willing to work with us and do trials 

"What we like so much about working with Yara is that they are always willing to do trials with us. They are always willing to work with us and get things set up and try it out, that way we are comfortable with the product before we jump full force in, so that's always great, they are always keen to if something is going to benefit us to try it out and see what we can make work". -Troy Smallman & Ashton Perry, W.P Griffin.

Potato crop nutrition programs
Potato crop nutrition programs

Potato crop nutrition programs

Yara's crop nutrition programs can help you achieve excellent crop performance. Check our recommended fertilizer programs for potatoes.

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