Incorporating Micronutrients Into Your Crop Fertility Program

Newsletter - November 5, 2018

We all know that crops require more than just macronutrients but farmers sometimes struggle with how to incorporate micronutrients into their current practices.

You may have heard about coating dry fertilizers with an oil-based product called "Procote". YaraVita PROCOTE is changing the way we look at balanced crop nutrition. By coating all the prills in a blend (seed placed or side banded) there are many more feeding sites for roots to access micronutrients. This is ultimately increasing nutrient use efficiency as well as solving issues with older methods of applying micronutrients that have had very poor success in demonstrating yield response. Learn more about YaraVita PROCOTE.

procote x blend.png

Why use an oil-based coating?

Any addition of water, including water-based coatings can cause negative quality attributes to the fertilizer. Oil can actually improve the fertilizer handling by

  • Increasing hardness
  • Decreasing dust
  • Decreasing caking risk

Effect of YaraVita PROCOTE coating on dust formation potential (free + abrasion) of different fertilizers (Canada)

procote dust graph.PNG

What about liquid fertilizer systems?

Yara not only provides solutions for dry fertilizer products but also offers micronutrient solutions for liquid fertilizer systems through a product line called REXOLIN. Rexolin is a chelated form of micronutrients that can be mixed together with the major forms of liquid fertilizers used in western Canada. It can also be injected sequentially in furrow via separate liquid tank or mixed with other in furrow starter blends. Rexolin is very easy to handle and it can be integrated into liquid fertilizer systems in multiple variations. Rexolin products can cover off secondary and micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, copper, manganese, iron and zinc. Visit Other Fertilizers page to learn more. 

What about boron?

YaraVita BORTRAC is an excellent option to mix with liquid fertilizer. It is a liquid formulation and it mixes well. For mix options and compatibility visit the Yara Tankmix website at

What is Happening in Ag?

Mental health has been a topic in Ag that doesn’t really get a lot of discussion around. There is a group of people that are wanting to help with that stigma and bring awareness to anyone who is struggling mentally in agriculture and provide a place where discussion can take place and provide help to those afraid to talk about their mental health.

Check this CBC News article:

Resource of the Week: Do More Agriculture Foundation

Mental health link was referenced earlier but also wanted to share a link to a new foundation that has been created with a significant amount of support for the agriculture community: The Do More Agriculture Foundation. Let’s work together and help open the communication line to those who need to talk and reduce the stigma around mental health in agriculture.

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Cody Vogel
Cody Vogel
Regional Sales Manager