represents Yara's commitment to helping farmers grow their best canola in terms of yield and quality, having an impact on their profitability. Crop knowledge, application competence-including technology tools and services- and the most comprehensive crop nutrition portfolio on the market make up the core of Yara’s crop nutrition solution for canola.

canola canola

The BestCanola Solution supports nitrogen use efficiency and water productivity for improved crop productivity and overall ROI for growers.

2 :1

Farmer ROI

Nutrient efficiency
9 % better

Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE)

18 %

Water Productivity

7 %

Land Use Savings (through Productivity Increases)

Learn about the Yara Incubator Farm in Saskatoon, SK

saskatoon incubator farm

The Yara Canada Incubator Farm in Saskatoon, SK is a center for research, solution trials and knowledge sharing. The farm features wheat, canola, peas, and barley grown in rotation with two of those crops seeded each year on roughly 40 acres each. 

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